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“This is a great service! I love how it provides a platform to easily connect with alumni who are willing to help. The response from an alumni member answered all my questions and I hope to be able to further this connection.”

Ann K. ’24


“Very helpful! The first response was good but I followed up with another question and he was able to help me even further!”

Olivia M. ’23


““My Ask Pitt Alumni experience was amazing. It provides a great way to give back. I got an email, and had the option to help or pass; I set up a half hour meeting. We had a really great conversation, and she asked excellent questions. The process was super simple and easy!”

Cristy S.

Director, Plus Consulting

Need inspiration? Here’s what others like you have asked.

“My name is Amy Adams, I am a marketing and finance major at Pitt. While attending Pitt, I have interned at Pitt Studios/ACC Network as a Production Assistant where I help to produce shows for the network covering Pitt’s varsity teams.”

I am reaching out because I was wondering if there are any Alumni who currently work in the Broadcasting/TV Production industry that I could speak to about their experiences. I am interested in pursuing all areas of TV Production including, sports, news, politics, and with live coverage or pre-produced segments.

I would greatly appreciate speaking to anyone in this industry!”

Need inspiration? Here’s what others like you have asked.

“I am junior nursing student at the University of Pittsburgh! I am in the process of looking, applying, and interviewing for summer nurse externships for this upcoming summer! I have applied to a few Children’s Hospitals and haven’t heard back so am looking into applying to some other non-pediatric hospitals.

I fell in love with pediatrics during my pediatric rotation and have always wanted to work with kids. I was wondering what your advice on externships is? I know it’s not the end of the world to not get an externship on your “dream” unit but I hear a lot about externs being hired by the unit they work on.

Do mind giving me a little insight on where career path went from undergrad to where you currently are? For example, how you “knew” a unit or speciality was for you? Thank you!”

Need inspiration? Here’s what others like you have asked.

“Hello, my name is Rachael Creedmore (she/her), and I am a freshman studying computational biology and global health. I have had a lot of trouble deciding how to focus my studies and which classes to take. I know that I am interested in computational solutions to problems surrounding equity and public health, but there isn’t a specific major for what I like. I find myself gravitating towards all kinds of classes (math, philosophy/ethics, literature, CS, applied stats).

I understand I can’t focus on all of these things at once. How do I decide what to focus on? I’m concerned I might fall behind in math skills if I opt to take an ethics class, or I might miss out on an interesting literature class if I take an extra CS instead. In particular, I feel like I don’t have enough time to take all of the classes I’m interested in or there isn’t a path for me.

I really appreciate your help.”

Need inspiration? Here’s what others like you have asked.

“Hello! My name is Jayden and I am currently a sophomore, majoring in Neuroscience and Political Science. I have applied to many programs in the past and can never get past the interview stage due to nerves. I usually prepare well in advance for the interview but my mind goes blank under the pressure. I also have tried winging interviews to see if that takes the pressure off, but then my responses sound weak and unprepared.

Does anyone else experience this? I would love any advice on how to overcome this. Thank you in advance and H2P!”

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